I’ve made over 60 hours of prime-time factual television for some of the world’s leading channels.


I’ve worked with seasoned presenters and those new to television and am an experienced and accomplished writer who enjoys the discipline of shaping a programme both on the page and in the edit suite. 

As Series Producer/Show Runner I have run projects and helped bring new commissions to fruition; as Edit Producer I have brought a fresh perspective to projects already underway.

My background is in photography and commercials and I try to bring this aesthetic sense to my broadcast work, plus the knowledge of what techniques and tricks can best be harnessed to create impactful rushes and, ultimately, an engaging programme. 


My international experience is extensive - I've filmed in more than 50 countries across the world and worked in numerous challenging locations.


Discovery US / Animal Planet


Show Runner & Series Director

Dragonfly Productions

Anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota sets off around the world on an investigation into feral children - youngsters who spent their earliest years fending for themselves, living alongside, and in some cases even being raised, by animals.  


Illustrated throughout with drama reconstructions, Mary-Ann's quest takes her from the bleak rural landscapes of Siberia to the most hostile kidnap regions of Columbia, via Uganda, Fiji, Estonia and the Ukraine, as she pieces together the clues of each case and finally comes face-to-face with these amazing child survivors.

Raised Wild

3 x 60 minutes


Survive The Tribe

2 x 60 minutes

National Geographic


Producer / Director

Icon Films

“Survival instructor Hazen Audel journeys to some of the world’s most inhospitable places, attempting survival skills that have kept tribal people alive against the odds for thousands of years...”


In the depths of the Mongolian winter, where temperatures drop to -40C, Kazakh hunters use hand-reared golden eagles to hunt wolves and foxes for their thick, winter fur. 


Hazen spends two weeks living with one semi-nomadic Kazakh family, understanding how they survive in such a barren and inhospitable place, and learning from them the skills he will need to ultimately lead his own team of eagle hunters into the mountains.


Discovery US / Animal Planet


Producer / Director

Oxford Scientific Films

"It's a basic instinct for humans to want to love and be loved. But for some, this basic desire can take them into obsessive and dangerous territory..."


Animal Planet's hit series examining the people who are drawn to dangerous exotic pets.  Each hour-long episode combines personal testimony, expert interviews and dramatic reconstruction as several exotic pet ownership fatalities are carefully reenacted, scrutinised and questioned, taking the viewer on a deep and sometimes disturbing journey into the relationship between owners and their animals.  


Drawing on cinematic influences and with a distinctive visual style, the series was commended for its original approach.

Fatal Attractions

2 x 60 minutes


Lost Islands

1x 60 minutes

Discovery US / Animal Planet


Producer / Director

Silverback Films

“In a unique approach that blends all of the blue-chip qualities of a natural history documentary series with the narrative drive of a detective series, renowned zoologist Dave Salmoni visits some of the world’s most remote islands to investigate how and why their native inhabitants have been so spectacularly successful at surviving."


In the episode I directed Dave investigates Fernandina in the Galapagos Islands, a highly restricted volcanic island considered by many to be the world's most pristine. 


By exploring the hostile coastline, crossing lava fields and finally climbing the island's active volcano, he attempts to discover how the amazing wildlife there has adapted to survive in this unique and hostile place.


Discovery Networks International

Producer / Director

Base Camp / Betty TV 

"Laos is home to stunning landscapes, sheer limestone cliffs and mysterious hidden valleys. It is also littered with thousands of landmines left in the wake of the Indo-China war. This is the land Ed needs to conquer as he faces one of his most challenging terrains yet."

I spent three weeks in Laos, recce'ing the location, walking potential routes and working with our security and safety teams to ensure a viable and safe shoot for all.  Once filming was complete I returned to the UK to direct the edit.

Left For Dead

1 x 60 minutes


Corwin's Quest

13 x 60 minutes

Discovery / Animal Planet


Show Runner & Series Producer

Tigress Productions

As series producer my brief was to bring a fresh approach and a contemporary look and feel to naturalist Jeff Corwin's natural history series, whilst retaining his trademark style and humour.   


Filmed over a twelve month period at numerous locations around the world including Alaska, Borneo, Costa Rica, Kenya, South Africa, Australia and the Alps we combined wildlife encounters, stunts and adventures and utilised a variety of visual techniques including time-slice, thermal-imaging, mini-cams, borescopes and stop-frame animation. 


Each episode culminating in stunt, carefully devised by the production team and then preformed by Jeff.


Discovery Networks / C5


Producer / Director

Oxford Scientific Films

A team of scientists embark on a ground-breaking expedition to the remote Chittagong Hill Tracts where, every fifty years, local communities brace themselves for the bizarre and destructive phenomena of rat swarms.


The documentary follows the scientists as they journey to the hills, nestled between Bangladesh and Burma, in a once-in-a-lifetime attempt to witness these swarms and to try and develop ways of preventing them and the incredible destruction they cause.

Swarm Chasers

1 x 60 minutes


Eco Malaysia

1 x 60 minutes

National Geographic


Shoot Director

Beach House Pictures

British naturalist Nick Baker explores one of the world's oldest, and most bio-diverse, rainforests - Belum-Temengor in northern Malaysia.  


The forest is under increasing pressure from the 21st century world and, as he journeys through the jungle and experiences the incredible flora and fauna, Nick talks to many of the researchers, environmentalists and conservationists charged with protecting this unique environment.